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5 Unique Online Jobs – Best For Work From Home

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Today is the world of the Internet and unconventional methods. As a result, there is a great demand for online jobs that are best for work from home. This has led to numerous online career option, which would be impossible a few years back.

We have compiled a list of unique online jobs. These are without investment, and for work from home. But, are they truly without investment? Honestly, one needs to invest time to learn these skills. 

These are largely self-taught and skills-based jobs. As a result, many online training programs are available for these. However, you require to think out of the box and develop specific skills if you want to become your own boss.

These career options are a great way to build financial stability. Therefore, these are the options right fit for online jobs, with lesser investment and work from home.

We are listing the five unique and not so common options below. However, the big question is which one of these five are for you?

We have devised the 3-step scientific approach for this. Firstly, we assess your personality fitment. Secondly and most important you submit your email/report to the AI engine. Finally, the Alignment engine analyse your personality fitment report matching to the right career.

1 – Ethical Hacker

We are continuously evolving into a more virtually connected society. As a result of a society where criminals are no longer the traditional stereotype. They are regular people sitting behind the computer screen initiating cyber attacks on organizations, individuals, and the government.

This is where a ethical (professional) hacker comes to rescue the world!

A professional also called white-hat hacker must think like unethical hackers to beat them in their games.

Companies hire these professionals to protect their IT infrastructures from cybercriminals and spies.

With the world moving to work from home, there is an increase in demand for ethical hackers. The scope of ethical hackers is now also included safeguarding of network while people are working from home.

Based on relevancy and high demand this is our first choice for the online job from home.

Why should you pursue ethical hacking?

Black hat hackers are becoming smarter every day, as a result, they launch more sophisticated and aggressive system attacks on organizations.

Companies struggle to defend their business and become hostile. The need for professionals, safeguarding such attacks can not be avoided.

The job is one of the high paying career options in the technical field.

Steps to becoming a professional hacker:

  • Computer Operating systems knowledge like Unix, Linux, macOS, or Windows.
  • Knowledge of HTML is the key to ethical hackers.
  • Mastery of one or more programming language is a required skill
  • Practice & learn how to hack.

Learning programs are available at our Library

After acquiring skills, you need to organize your work and practice to get the expertise. Teamwork, FreshTeam, or Hive, are the tools we recommend for managing your task.

One can expand their horizon by including Social Media. Crowdfire social media management tools can help you ease out your learning process.

2 – Amazon MTurk

Are looking to make extra cash in your spare time, then you should become an Amazon Mechanical Turk professional.

mTurk is the crowdsourcing market. A market that enables the outsourcing of processes and jobs by an individual or organization. These jobs are outsourced to a dispersed workforce that can perform them remotely.

The task varies from the validation and analysis of basic data to activities such as survey engagement, content moderation, etc.