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These 7 Add Up Give Tremendous Boost In Your Existing Earning.

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Boost your Earning

Working from home and earning online is not that fairly new culture. But turn of scenarios has given online earning a new dimension. Question is – Are you ready with this?

Completed your education, and landed in the job. And are being paid decent enough.

Worked hard and figured out all by yourself after the years of struggle. You also managed to score some regular clients who pay on time, and you earn decent enough.

But hold on for a moment, are you satisfied with ‘decent enough?’

If you are in a job, underpaid, or has an invisible but real fear of uncertainty. Or, you are your own boss, an entrepreneur, but worry about the loss of income due to global crisis.

Many small changes will help you to make a big difference with your paychecks. These changes are easy to apply, and will greatly improve your earning scenario by launching you on a parallel career.

Here go the 7 tricks to maximize your online earnings:

1. Be Indispensible.

Becoming a linchpin at your work means becoming indispensable and irreplaceable. In other words, improve your skills or services so much so that nobody matches your level. 

This will make you valuable at your workplace or in your marketplace.

The rise of the Internet and automation has simply changed the competition. People with multiple skills are always the top priority. Try to master a different set of combinations of skills which is rare to find. 

For instance, a content writer in the personal finance niche will always win if he is also a graduate in commerce or business studies.

This is an example of specific and in-demand skills. This is how you can become an asset to any company.

2. You should not handle everything by yourself

Why hire someone to write a product description when you can write by yourself? While this may seem like a foolish idea, it is not. You might be a good technical writer, but you can not handle every small or big task on your own.

It’s either your time or your money. You can use an hour to assign different tasks to different individuals so that you can utilize the best role in your business.

If you still think that you will lose money by hiring people, you might be wrong. The main aspects of a business are maintaining relationships, taking important/big decisions, and planning the best strategies to grow your business. This is where the real money is.

Doing small tasks like answering emails and other day-to-day work takes a lot of your precious time. Perhaps you can use the same time to increase the overall progress of your company which nobody will do for you.

3. Your Competitor is your Friend

In most cases, two businesses can grow mutually as long as they are offering different services for different customers/audiences. 

To illustrate, let’s say that there are two blogs, and both publish content related to fashion. However, in the fashion industry, there are a number of niches so both blogs can publish for different niches.

If this is the case, there is a great chance for both businesses to grow together. Referring to customers and building better relationships with the competitor. This will help you to generate more backlinks, more exposure, and simply more visitors overall. And leading to better earning for both.

4. Customer Experience leads to earning

Getting the insights of a customer’s mind is extremely important and equally difficult. But it is not impossible. Improve customer experience by using the acquired information. By implementing the right processes and focusing on the key data points.

There are plenty of methods to know what a customer demands for. Some of them include not making assumptions, asking customers, conducting surveys, getting customer reviews, conducting keyword research, and finally using all the available data.

Using these practices minimizes the guesswork. This means that when you will create a new product, you will be addressing the concerns of your customers and audience. Hence, you will be able to advertise your products in the most improved manner.

5. For better earning, know your worth

Chances are, you are an experienced freelancer but you are afraid to raise your rates. Many freelancers are not comfortable doing this. The reason being they will lose the customer and the idea itself might be counterproductive.

This is a common fear, you can tackle it by trying it in the first place. Many freelancers started with the same fear but it all changes once they become successful.

Growth in the number of new clients will surprise you after achieving this goal – How? Well, Psychology!

If something is more expensive, people tend to think it is of high quality.

Note that this will only work for people with experience and not for the novice. This is a long term game, but you will end-up benefiting for the lifetime.

6. Less is More

You must have heard this phrase in so many online career counseling videos and speeches, but are you really implementing it?

The figure of speech, “Jack of all trades, master of none,” is used for a person who has dabbled in many skills, rather than gaining expertise in one particular. It is very alluring to chase new opportunities rather than sticking for one, especially when we are young. 

Experts advise that one should pick one or two things at a time and invest all the energy into accomplishing them first.

Trying fever things means if you are looking to start a new blog or launching a new product or even offering a new service, Try focusing on one of the above at a time. This will help to improve your product & services and if you are done with it, you can move forward for the next.

7. Focusing on your Online Avatar

Creating a website and social media is not enough. Your online presence is a complete package of your social profile. The generation of credibility and trust building needs to put on display to present proof of your inbound marketing efforts.

Your website or social media page is the first interaction a customer is more likely to have. The potential customer judges you on the behalf of your online avatar. Therefore, ignoring this part can make you lose many customers and thus the earning because it may be the only opportunity you get.

If you are still not convinced, here are some more reasons why improving online presence is vital: It is a marketing and sales tool, it builds your reputation, it’s a higher return on investment.


Take this as a piece of free earning advice. People are not willing to pay you more if you don’t tell them to do so. Sometimes we are afraid to raise our voice because we think we might lose it all. 

Perhaps, we need to change our tactics from time to time to get what we truly deserve. This also means aligning your career according to your needs.

Making money online is not an easy task, you are responsible for handling all by yourself. Therefore, the above-mentioned advice will help to reach your dream target rates without making a lot of effort.