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11 Revolutionary Healthcare Startup Vouched by the Pros.

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The healthcare startup or startups in the healthcare sector are growing faster than we might assume—this is true globally. In India, The healthcare industry is projected to grow by 23 percent. The US is also looking to spend 18 percent of its GDP on healthcare according to Statista.

One can say that the recent break of COVID-19 has made the world even more conscious of their healthcare footprints. So this might be another reason that the market has given rise to many emerging startups. These startups cover healthcare segments, booking appointments, online sales of drugs, and function as a commercialized business entity.

Therefore if you are looking forward to building one of the best healthcare startup or health-tech startup, we have got a noteworthy list so that you can get some ideas:

Verge Genomics – Healthcare startup saving lives

The healthcare startup was founded by Alice Zhang and Jason Chen with the sole purpose to use AI to cure diseases. They are working on saving lives by streamlining the medical trial process. The process costs 1.3 billion dollars to take a drug through the R&D phase and the FDA approval phase. 

Verge Genomics uses a novel method to assess which drugs have a higher chance of success using artificial intelligence. The company plans to help large pharmaceuticals better decide which medicines to proceed through the FDA approval process; with its creative approach and which to abandon because they are unlikely to succeed.


Embleema has recently launched a HIPAA compliant healthcare blockchain network that enables patients to access and share their medical records with researchers and physicians. In addition, the new approach lets patients organize their data and also benefit from sharing it with various organizations. Such as marketing companies, drug analysts, and so on.

In return for sharing their medical data with researchers, patients using the technology may be paid in crypto-currency. Embleema’s groundbreaking technology may well be a triumph for patients and researchers everywhere.

Credihealth – healthcare startup for patients care

Credihealth is a healthcare startup that is trying to make the life of a patient a little less hectic. The company has invented a new method to get to know about your health and at your time of need—get trustworthy health information.