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Artificial Intelligence course – Online Career post-COVID

artificial intelligence online course certification

Artificial intelligence plays an increasingly important role in our lives regardless of whether we understand it or not. Over the coming years, our dependence on these wonderful new technologies will simply develop into extra reliant.

The Artificial Intelligence course is the force behind marketing algorithms and banking systems to surgical robots and even home devices.

Sufficient evidence is there that AI is never as scary as it sounds. In a controlled approach, it is possible to obtain a detailed understanding of the AI. Going deeper, you will find that this technology is not costly and straightforward to use.

Research has shown that AI-introducing companies have found that technology is helping to create new positions. Many respondents claimed that they did not see that robots displaced the jobs.

Why AI is getting so relevant?

Artificial intelligence performs tasks where humans spend time repeatedly. Allowing humans to concentrate on where value can be extracted from human intelligence.

The use of artificial intelligence has been promoted in a range of data-intensive, analytical fields such as healthcare. It has been shown that the precision of robotic AI systems is higher than those of humans.

Robots and artificial intelligence may appear to be ‘taking over’. Whereas, they are improving the tasks that humans can do. By enabling humans to do the job faster. So that people can better their performance.

While doing so, it increases business, individual, and consumer satisfaction. As evidenced by leading research where 75 % of respondents believe that AI will boost customer satisfaction.

A career in Artificial Intelligence

It is no more a wonder that the most effective and most profitable careers will be anything other Ithan artificial intelligence. Even if your job does not crave you to put on a white lab coat, AI is all here.

According to Gartner, AI is committed to generating 2.3 million jobs by the end of 2020. Contributing to a net increase of half a million potential new jobs. Job prospects for AI workers are likely to see a sharp increase in the light of the COVID-19 crisis.

Bear in mind that companies in various industries have started to adopt artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is very clear that qualified specialists in these technologies will be in high demand beyond 2020.

Millions of jobs have been devastated by the recent global pandemic, and big companies are increasing the use of AI. McKinsey’s 2017 study estimates that one-third of All jobs will be replaced by automation and robotics by 2030. Events like this pandemic will change all these timelines. 

O’Reilly’s study reveals that there is a lack of expertise in artificial intelligence skills. This is the greatest obstacle to global AI adoption.

The crisis is due to the education and training programs that are not in line with the current industry requirements. Organizations not only require trained AI experts but require workers to be flexible and adapt their skills over time.

Artificial Intelligence course for AI professional

Some of the key responsibilities as seen in the recent job postings related to AI, and a good way to understand what industry is looking for are:

  • Focus on designing machine learning algorithms.
  • Analytical methods to support new approaches for data and information processing.
  • Use predictive modeling and machine learning techniques to solve complex issues and drive strategic decisions.
  • Build algorithms to discover patterns for risk, abuse, and greatly lower bad debt.
  • Good understanding of CNN / RNN / DNN framework infrastructure (TensorFlow, Caffe, etc), supervised learning, enhanced learning.
  • Solve analytical problems, perform an explanatory analysis of the data. Generate and test job hypotheses.
  • Experience in data collection for simulation, preparation, and analysis of historical data identifying patterns.
  • Conduct concept simulations, test hypotheses, and create actionable models to optimize business operations.
  • Develop predictive risk models for risk forecasting contributing to product launches and operation. Help forecast capacity and efficiency requirements for company operations.
  • Create a dashboard including inferences and conclusions and visualizations of processed data, identify trends and anomalies.

Some more skills

  • Communicate internally and externally about the AI / ML strategy, value proposition, and products of the product.
  • Help teams understand the AI / ML programs and encourage consumers to effectively implement them.
  • Work with partners, internal teams, and customers to identify best use cases, deployment, and adoption of AI / ML and related technologies, etc.
  • Understand and uncover the challenges faced by customers in adopting AI / ML and show how solutions can help them deliver new services, new capabilities, and new efficiencies.
  • Provide technical support for program management and business development activities, including the writing of proposals and customer development.

Core skills for a professional career in AI

Learning AI consists of a variety of overlapping disciplines. For example, understanding statistical methods are just as important as understanding the computer algorithms. 

In addition to the subjects of Machine Learning, deep learning, NLP, neural network, computer vision & image analysis is required. Do take interdisciplinary courses in areas as cognitive science to provide a conceptual framework for AI applications.

Career of an artificial intelligence professional will contain one or more of following:

  • Research relevant algorithms for machine learning.
  • Training in one or more artificial intelligence platforms and machine learning software
  • Transforming data science.
  • The AI developer needs to design machine learning systems on the basis of requirements.
  • Learn how to train the system. 
  • Learn about Bigdata – large datasets and data representation techniques.

Artificial Intelligence platform includes the use of computers to perform the activities performed by human beings. The framework simulates the cognitive role that human minds conduct, such as problem-solving, thinking, analysis, reasoning, general and social intelligence.

Some of the leading artificial intelligence course platforms to master are:

Google AI Platform TensorFlow Microsoft Azure ML
Rainbird Dialogflow Premonition
Mindmeld Vital A.I. Watson Studio
Lumiata Receptiviti KAI

Many of the AI training and certification programs have been designed by the industry and academic experts.

These programs enable the opportunity that helps to validate the applicant’s technical competency. This helps professionals who do not have all the expertise in AI to meet the requirements of the industry.

These certifications are the best way to build confidence in your candidature for future employers.

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