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Startup Business – A review of startups.com

Idea Validation Bootcamp

With the Idea Validation Bootcamp course, you learn to take an actionable approach for validating your idea. The course contains an assignment for different phases. You will have a clear understanding of the feasibility and business case for your design when you complete the course.

Startup business Coaching

Building a startup success is not an easy job. You will need sharp skills, knowledge, and resources at every stage. With the experienced startup mentors you will learn about: validating, planning, customer acquisition, and funding. 

Consider these online courses before launching your startup.

Funding Accelerator

Getting funding for your idea takes an enormous amount of work done. But don’t worry because the expert team of designers, writers, and consultants will help you bring the investors you will need. 

The funding experts will help you in four phases i.e. fundraiser strategy, crafting your pitch, investor research, and investor engagement.

Blockchain Council


Whether you are a founder of a startup company or you just started to work on your idea, startups.com will help you in every phase of your dream startup to make it a reality. 

The platform is one station for everything you can ask for—validating your startup idea, raising capital, acquiring skills & education, and everything in between.

If you are not using their services, tools, and overall ecosystem, you are missing plenty of good stuff. But like they say: It’s never too late for anything and In this case—working with startups.com