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Startup Business – A review of startups.com

Step – 7: Find Funding

This step helps you to discover your funding options. This means you can learn every possible bit of information there is about funding.

From what funding options are available, to finding investors, and crafting the perfect pitch, they cover everything. 

Step – 8: Startup Finance

Many founders don’t possess any knowledge about finance. But that should be completely fine because startups.com has a simple method to help your startup business grow. 

Set up your first income statement through their demystifying process and manage your finances in Year 1 and beyond.

As an entrepreneur, you learn all by yourself, therefore to learn about finance all by yourself—check these courses.

More Reasons to explore the Startups.com

Startups.com offers several Products for the entire startup journey. These products contain startup benefits, idea validation Bootcamp, startup coaching, and funding accelerator. The products offer a comprehensive suite of software and services to build a business plan and find mentors, customers, funding, and skilled team members. 

Data Analytics for Business with Tableau

A bit more about these products:


Fundable is a crowdfunding platform that helps to raise startup capital. As of now, Fundable has helped startups to raise more than $615 Million of capital. It’s a great place to generate investments for your startup business. 

Startup business benefits

As the founder of a startup company, you will need tons of tools and services to develop your products. But once you become a partner with startups.com, you can reap the benefits of using these services at a fraction of the original price. 

Thus, ultimately saving thousands of dollars on the startup services and these services are crucial to success.