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without investment online jobs from home

5 Unique without investment online jobs from home

Today is the world of Internet and unconventional methods. There is a great demand for without investment online jobs from home. This has led to numerous online career option, which would have been impossible a few years back.

We have compiled a list of five unusual and uncommon without investment online jobs from home. Are they truly without investment? Honestly, one needs to invest time to learn these skills. 

These are largely self-taught skills-based jobs and many online training programs are available for these. You require to think out of the box and develop specific skills if you want to become your own boss.

These alternative career options are a great way to build Financial Stability. These can be learned from home, with almost negligible investment. These options are the right fit for without investment online jobs from home.

We are listing the five most uncommon options below. The big question is which one of these five are for you?

We have devised the 3-step scientific approach for this. In step-1, we assess your personality fitment. Submit your email/report to the AI engine, aligning your personality fitment report to the right career.

One – Ethical Hacker

We are continuously evolving into a more virtually connected society. A society where criminals are no longer the traditional stereotype. They are regular people sitting behind the computer screen initiating cyber attacks on organization, individual, and government.

This is where a ethical (professional) hacker comes to rescue the world!

A professional or white-hat hacker must think like unethical hackers to beat them in their games.

Companies hire these professionals to protect their IT infrastructures from cybercriminals and spies.

With the world moving to work from home, there is an increase in demand for ethical hackers. The scope of ethical hackers is now also included safeguarding of network while people are working from home.

Based on relevancy and high demand this is our first choice for without investment online job from home.

Why should you pursue ethical hacking?

Black hat hackers are becoming smarter every day, they launch more sophisticated and aggressive system attacks on organizations.

Companies struggle to defend their business and become hostile. The need for professionals, safeguarding such attacks can not be avoided.

The job is one of the high paying career options in the technical field.

Steps to becoming a professional hacker:

  • Computer Operating systems knowledge like Unix, Linux, macOS, or Windows.
  • Knowledge of HTML is the key to ethical hackers.
  • Mastery of one or more programming language is a required skill
  • Practice & learn how to hack.

Learning programs are available at our Library

After acquiring skills, you need to organize your work and practice to get the expertise. Teamwork, FreshTeam, or Hive, are the tools we recommend for managing your task.

One can expand their horizon by including Social Media. Crowdfire social media management tools can help you ease out your learning process.

Two – Amazon MTurk

If you are looking to make extra cash in your spare time, you should become an Amazon Mechanical Turk professional.

mTurk is the crowdsourcing market enabling the outsourcing of processes and jobs by an individual or organization. These jobs are outsourced to a dispersed workforce that can perform them remotely.

The task varies from the validation and analysis of basic data to activities such as survey engagement, content moderation, etc.

MTurk helps businesses to leverage the intelligence, expertise, and experiences of global professionals. These professionals simplify business processes, improve data collection and analysis, and speed up the process using machine learning.

Here’s how Amazon MTurk works: Various businesses submit human intelligence tasks (HITs) to the platform. The tasks are divided into micro-jobs. Professionals pick the suitable micro-jobs they want to complete.

Why mTurk as without investment online jobs from home?

This is largely a without investment online job from home option. Most of the other work-from-home based jobs are time-taking and recursive. At Amazon, you can choose to work for a HIT by investing 10 minutes or a week. It’s your call.

There are many interesting tasks available at mTurk from machine learning, to artificial intelligence workflow, and business process outsourcing.

Some of the tasks do require a special skill-set but then there are many jobs that can be completed with basic skills.

To register yourself for the MTurk role, follow the steps below:

  • Get on to Amazon mechanical Turk page.
  • Select the option “get started with Amazon mechanical Turk”, and register yourself.
  • Search or browse through HIT’s and select as per your interest.
  • Start working.
  • Manage the project well, and complete
  • Get paid.

Some good resources to know more about Amazon mTurk are:

Three – Podcast Production

Podcasts are the recorded library in audio formats that covers broader topics. Podcasts are on-demand and are typically free to access.

This means that everybody on any platform at any given time has the freedom to listen to the recordings.

In simple terms, a podcast is an audio program that is divided into episodes and series. All podcasts are focused on a particular theme or topic.

Why podcast as without investment online jobs from home?

Did you know that Spotify bought Joe Rogan’s Podcast playlist for $100 Million?

Podcasting as an industry was not popular in India until 2018 when it was added as the mainstream content sharing platform.

India is a vast marketplace for smartphone users and content consumers. This makes India the world’s third-largest podcast-listener. A perfect reason to start your podcast.

Data Analytics for Business with Tableau

Guide to set up your podcast channel:

  • Decide your channel’s theme.
  • Get a microphone to record and shoot. We recommend Boya Microphone for better performance.
  • Find a platform to host your recordings. Google podcast, Spotify, Apple podcast are some of these.
  • Syndicate these files into RSS feed so that it can be distributed to multiple streaming services.
  • You can also upload the same content on YouTube.

Podcast curator is the focus without investment online jobs from home here. There are other options check out for our blog on 5 online career options in Podcast.

Four – Telehealth Nursing

We tend to forget or ignore the work-from-home medical jobs. This is due to the reason that most of the medical jobs are often on-site positions.

Now with the advancement of medical facilities and telecommunication, telehealth is bridging the gap between patient and expert health care.

Just like any other industry, medical jobs are also getting virtual rapidly. These medical jobs come in many niches and are collectively called Telehealth. Also referred to as Telemedicine, though Telemedicine is just a part of telehealth.

One niche is Telehealth Nursing, a good choice for without investment online jobs from home, particularly if you are a healthcare professional.

Tele nursing is an off-site job in the medical department. Tele nurses are experts in delivering health-related services utilizing telecommunication technology.

Some of the roles for telenursing include

  • case management,
  • telephone triage,
  • medico-legal consultation,
  • nurse & medico management,
  • health IT/nursing informatics specialist, and
  • healthcare recruiter.

Why TeleNursing as a career?

Telenursing utilizes technology to deliver medical services to remote locations. COVID-19 pandemic has reinstated the benefits of Telenursing.

In the role of telenursing not only are you responsible for someone’s survival but the job is demanding too.

That being said, there’s never been a better time to consider a career in telenursing, then now.

Reasons why telehealth nursing is gaining popularity are:

  • Remote service delivery and reaching patients at long distances. A true sense of a global village.
  • Financial saving for patients. Typically the cost of telenursing gets into the fraction of the cost for hospital admission.
  • Patient comfort – Allows nursing practitioners to assess patient comfort and respond accordingly.
  • Telenursing professionals connect patients home, offices, satellite clinics, and visiting medical professionals. This ensures a timely medical facility with the comfort of home.

Steps to serve as a Tele Nurse:

  • Attend a nursing course.
  • Earn your certification for telenursing.
  • Align with medical service providers and start working.

Some of the tools which are game-changer in terms of telecommunication include FreshCall. Live video streaming through Livestream. Team communication tools like Teamwork also play a critical role in telenursing.

Five – Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developers were the top in-demand professionals in 2019, as per Linkedin. It’s the fastest-growing technology in the virtual world.

Various enterprises are either experimenting or have already started using this technology.

We had the difficult choice to select, between Artificial Intelligence/machine learning and blockchain. Blockchain made up this list of five uncommon without investment online jobs from home, due to its edge. Blockchain even being in the shadow of AI/ML has surprised the technology world.

A blockchain developer’s task is to create and optimize blockchain protocols.

Blockchain developers are divided into two categories: software developers, core developers.

Core developers craft architecture and systems while Software Developers craft web apps and decentralized apps (DAPPS) using Blockchain technology.

Why blockchain developer as a career?

Blockchain is one of the great solutions for the technology sector in government, industry, and entrepreneurs based companies. This had created a rolling demand for various blockchain-based jobs.

Since blockchain is fairly a new technology stream, that means that there are fewer talents to be found. More so professionals in the software technology field are more attracted towards artificial intelligence than blockchain.

One of the famous usage of blockchain technology is cryptocurrency or Bitcoin.

Therefore, the salary offered for non-technical as well as technical is much greater than for any other conventional job.

In a nutshell, a career in blockchain development is a path to success.

How to peruse blockchain development:

  • Choose the type of development (core vs. software).
  • Learn about this technology using online courses.
  • Acquire skills for networking, cryptography, hash functions, distributed ledger.
  • Master web development.

We recommend the following books (available at Amazon) for getting into blockchain development with lesser efforts:

Conclding for without investment online jobs from home

Whether you are frustrated with the traffic you face every day while commuting for your office. Or you just love the quiet atmosphere of your home. 

There can be multiple reasons why you would want to go for these without investment online jobs from home options. Or say minimal investment.

Above mentioned career options are very helpful to jump-start your professional life. 

Become independent to earn financial stability on your own terms and conditions!

We at Learner Society love your feedback.

Comment below if you have any sort of query. We will be delighted to help.

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