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Discover All New Career Opportunity In Medical Science

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Career opportunities in medicine, medical sciences, and research are not only limited to playing doctors and nurses. One might think that working in this sector means you’ll constantly be extracting people’s teeth and drilling holes in people’s jaws. 

Sure, your career in medicine might include some of these things at some points, but it’s not mandatory or limited to these options only. Apart from the most popular ones, there are other career opportunities available—many of which you probably didn’t even know existed!

So before, you make the decision to get into medical science, medicine, and research, consider discovering these career options:

1. Career opportunity in medical Illustrators, Writers, and Editors

This career opportunity can also be accomplished by working remotely from the comfort of your home. However, one requires both good writing skills and specialized knowledge in the medical field to work for the writing job. Nurses, writers, and doctors also make the transition from clinical and on-site practice to medical publishing. Physicians may sit on an editorial board or act as an editorial consultant, checking the writing of others for medical accuracy.

People with experience in general publishing and research, depending on the structure of the business or publication, can also be working for medical editing or writing. Medical illustrators work on a contract basis from home very often; others might come from an art background and research drugs or anatomy, while some may be former physicians with creative competence.

So, if you are serious about medical illustration, consider taking an online course from our library: Drawing Nature, Science, and Culture: Natural History Illustration 101.

2. Medical Coders and Billers

Many people don’t consider coders and billers as career opportunities in medical science because it is not as mainstream. However, health coders and billers are paid to handle documents from medical departments and clinics by health agencies. Companies that outsource this employment to medical offices can also recruit billers and coders. 

For coding jobs, formal training or qualification may also be required. Coding and billing both need an understanding of medical terminology, pathology, diagnosis, medical treatments, and related codes.

Before you start, be careful and consider only respectable firms because healthcare and coding jobs at home are most often the bait in home-work scams. 

Want to find everting about this career, take a look at our online course: Explore a Career in Medical Coding

3. Careers opportunity in AI Medical Science

Artificial intelligence has a significant impact on the way medical practitioners learn and perform their jobs. It also includes a range of career opportunities for IT practitioners who are designing and changing artificial intelligence products for the medical industry. The effect on the employment of medical practitioners is also very important. There are many AI programs and tools for diagnostics, imaging, condition determination, and surgery.

There is no doubt that professionals with AI skills in medical science are one of the highest-paid. A report by TechRepublic states that demand for applicants with similar skills doubled between 2015 and 2018. Therefore, Artificial intelligence engineers who understand science and medical concepts and also obtain expertise in advanced healthcare AI systems—would be ideally suited to succeed in this field.

Moreover, the career opportunity in this field is booming, some examples are a data scientist, machine-learning engineer, senior software engineer, software engineer, research engineer, software-engineer intern, and research scientist.

Curious about the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in medical science? Why not check our online course: Data Ethics, AI, and Responsible Innovation.

4. Legal nursing consultants

Legal nurse consultants offer support in law houses, government agencies, and insurance undertakings with a range of practitioners. As a Licensed Caregiver a legal nurse specialist offers essential services to evaluate the reality, challenges, and effects of healthcare for legal and medical practitioners from this deep educational and experiential experience. 

Legal care providers are in turn known as linkages between legal communities and healthcare communities as well as guidance on areas such as personal injuries, product obligations, medical negligence, toxic harm, and criminal law. Legal nurse consultants may own or operate in their businesses or insurance, governmental, legal, forensic, or corporate or health agencies.

Legal nurse consulting is a lucrative job, consider our online course: Legal Nurse Consulting

5. Healthcare Data Scientist

The healthcare sector is producing a major source of data in the country. For people who have skill sets in health information systems and analytics, the job rate for them is growing. Healthcare and data science intersection is the new field of healthcare research and operations.

Data science incorporates special abilities to unlock data and narrative. It may incorporate several competencies from various disciplines to make it appropriate for diverse positions, including healthcare. Moreover, a data scientist can make use of the available genomic data and even help to research the reactions and their effects on diseases with different types of medicines.

Check out our online course: Collaborative Data-Science-for-Healthcare

6. Biotechnologist as a Career Opportunity

Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary research division that is common with young people as it offers ample opportunities for those who want to pursue the fresh and current frontiers of science. Biotechnologists are people who perform research in private and government labs to alter or control living organisms in order to produce new drugs.

Biotechnologists may be working in a variety of fields as biochemists, biophysicists, or medical scientists. As biotechnology is generally converted into genetically modified materials, biotechnologists are producing valuable goods from living systems. Biotechnologists work in a variety of various fields, including agriculture, food processing, health care, and pharmaceuticals.

Want to learn more about biotechnology? Have a look at our online course: The Science and Business of Biotechnology


Overall, the outlook for careers in medical science is rosy. From apprentices to graduates, they are responsible for competitive wages and can see remarkable progress in their sectors. With so many variations in this industry, you can always choose a career option that best suits your needs.

The career opportunities available in medicine, medical sciences, and research are practically countless. The career list we have provided is not only diverse but can be very lucrative. Therefore, If you wish to invent medications and cures to save lives, save them first hand, or make them a reality, you will certainly find a place in this industry.

Check out plenty of other related online courses in our library.

11 Revolutionary Healthcare Startup Vouched by the Pros.

healthcare startup, health, medical science, medical

The healthcare startup or startups in the healthcare sector are growing faster than we might assume—this is true globally. In India, The healthcare industry is projected to grow by 23 percent. The US is also looking to spend 18 percent of its GDP on healthcare according to Statista.

One can say that the recent break of COVID-19 has made the world even more conscious of their healthcare footprints. So this might be another reason that the market has given rise to many emerging startups. These startups cover healthcare segments, booking appointments, online sales of drugs, and function as a commercialized business entity.

Therefore if you are looking forward to building one of the best healthcare startup or health-tech startup, we have got a noteworthy list so that you can get some ideas:

Verge Genomics – Healthcare startup saving lives

The healthcare startup was founded by Alice Zhang and Jason Chen with the sole purpose to use AI to cure diseases. They are working on saving lives by streamlining the medical trial process. The process costs 1.3 billion dollars to take a drug through the R&D phase and the FDA approval phase. 

Verge Genomics uses a novel method to assess which drugs have a higher chance of success using artificial intelligence. The company plans to help large pharmaceuticals better decide which medicines to proceed through the FDA approval process; with its creative approach and which to abandon because they are unlikely to succeed.


Embleema has recently launched a HIPAA compliant healthcare blockchain network that enables patients to access and share their medical records with researchers and physicians. In addition, the new approach lets patients organize their data and also benefit from sharing it with various organizations. Such as marketing companies, drug analysts, and so on.

In return for sharing their medical data with researchers, patients using the technology may be paid in crypto-currency. Embleema’s groundbreaking technology may well be a triumph for patients and researchers everywhere.

Credihealth – healthcare startup for patients care

Credihealth is a healthcare startup that is trying to make the life of a patient a little less hectic. The company has invented a new method to get to know about your health and at your time of need—get trustworthy health information. 

12 Reasons Why Food Business Ideas Are Great For Startups

food business ideas

Food business ideas are a great startup opportunity. For people who enjoy food, its history, its culture, and innovation, there is a tremendous opportunity. To simplify what all can be done in this sector, we have collated unique food business ideas through examples. Examples of what others have been doing in this industry. So that you can get inspiration and learn from the best.

The food industry has a promising growth rate. From meeting the increased demand for healthier options to whipping up delicious meals—there’s a niche for everyone in the food industry.

But before that, you should gain knowledge related to food safety and food handling practice as applicable to your business. 

Here are the selected 12 food business ideas from the successful food startups. Let’s get started to the flavorful journey:

1. BentoBox

The company offers tools for restaurants that directly drive high-margin sales from their websites. Founded in 2013, the platform enables, management of events, online ordering & catering, and sales of gift cards and merchandise. 

Other than that, they also support restaurants to develop websites that provide detailed local listings, access to data & paralytics, and a lot more.

2. Byte

Let’s face it, we have been ordering unhealthy junk food for lunch during our office hours—Byte is trying to make it healthy. 

This company installs smart vending machines in your offices. This machine only contains healthy local food which can help you to get rid of bad food choices. Byte also tracks interesting data of your eating habits and customizes your food accordingly. Overall, a practical idea to eat healthily at the workplace. 

3. Full Harvest

The basic idea behind this brand is to connect large farms market surplus and imperfect produce to food companies. What this does is, it reduces the wastage of food, generates more revenue for the farms, and decrease the price of eating healthy food. 

Many times, customers would not buy imperfect food. The company overcomes this problem head-on and disrupt a very traditional industry and its practices while also solving the food waste problem. 

10 online free courses to grow your startup revenue

online free courses for startup, courses, startup

Crafting a startup is a skill on its own. The online free courses will guide you throughout your startup journey. From launching your startup and getting finance to building the culture and business models.

Entrepreneurs initiate their startup with core product skills, but miss to look into the business side of the venture. Sooner than later, they realize this mistake The cost of correction at times becomes larger than the core product/technology cost. Mitigating this risk is not difficult, it just needs timely action. This is the list of 10 promising online free courses with certificate covers.

Entrepreneurship is a lifelong commitment, therefore an entrepreneur must be a lifelong learner. After all, it’s the only trait that will keep pushing you through the competitions and help you to bring the innovations. Innovators have to go through lots of responsibilities, and failure. Hence, they must be upgraded all the time. Perhaps you must be armed like a soldier in a battle.

So for you to win the battle, we have picked the most promising online free courses and with certificates. You only need to invest the time to acquire the skill.

1. Entrepreneurial Operations: Launching a Startup

Are you all set to launch your company but don’t know the practicalities? Well, these online free courses with a certificate might help you to examine the real-world operational challenges you will face. There are execution risks you face when you start a new venture. 

This course provides the steps, frameworks, and tools that can be used to understand the important considerations while building your startup. Each module will introduce the students to a different concept related to operations. These modules are packed with lecture notes, readings, and case studies. In a nutshell, a great course to begin your startup from scratch.

2. Understanding Venture Capitalists: How to Get Money for your Startup

Congrats on getting started with your business! Now you will require funding to keep going. Funding to build a prototype, hiring a team, and launching your products and services. How do you do that? Venture capitalists. This course will teach you exactly that—everything about Venture Capital.

7 Best Portal for Free Online Courses With Certificate

Free Online Courses With Certificate

There is no doubt that online education is the future of learning. While these courses help to expand your skills, knowledge, and make your resume alluring, many of them come with a fancy price tag. But as the global paradigm is changing more and more providers are offering free online courses with certificate.

We explored the leading online learning platforms that offer free online courses with certificates. During our evaluation, we examined multiple parameters and sharing the five top-performing (as per parameter) portal. While evaluating various platforms we ensure to keep ourselves away from rat-racing. We selected the platforms while avoiding their marketing strategy. Thus bringing true insight into the platform.

Taking the critical step of career alignment before choosing the course will make the learning meaningful. Try or free.

The mentioned courses and platforms contain online courses for almost every industry from IT, digital marketing, content writing, business, design, HR, programming, fashion designing, and a lot more. 

Ready to improve your career prospects? Here are 7 best places that might help you to get your dream job:

1. EdX global – leader in Free Online Courses With Certificate

EdX founded in 2012 by the elite universities—MIT and Harvard. EdX’s mission is to increase access to high-quality education for everyone, everywhere. The MOOC (massive open learning courses) giant has over 100 renowned partner universities. Among them are the universities of Harvard, Oxford, Berkley-California, Adelaide, London, and Zurich to name a few. These together are offering courses for about 20 million edX-learners globally.

EdX global enables active learning through integrated video & text materials, peers learning through guided and free-flow interaction, instant feedback, online assessment, discussion forums, and multi-lingual approach. The courses on EdX global are from both the perspective of long-term career engagement as well as the short-term skill gains. Renowned educators and specialists, has designed and crafted these courses.

EdX is the choice of an online platform for sharp minds across the globe. 99% of residential undergraduate MIT students learn on the edX platform as part of their course of study.

EdX portal offers the majority of courses as free and provision for course completion certificate is available by paying a fee. 

Some of the subjects to mention are Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, Health & Medical, Business & Finance, chemistry, computer science, engineering, food & nutrition, law & ethics, art & culture, and many more. 

2. Edureka

The new age portal for Free Online Courses With Certificate

Edureka is a big name in MOOC that provides online technological training in categories like big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain-based courses, and so on. When you sign in for the programs, the edureka learning platform, expert industry practitioners, and support ninjas make sure that you complete the course. 

The platform offers online courses free with certificate under the Edureka course catalog. These courses are in huge numbers and you also get a certificate for absolutely free. This certificate is also printable and attachable to other platforms which help to showcase your expertise.

The free courses are always available. Get full access to the catalog via android or ios applications also.