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Career Opportunities at Learner Society

Learner Society is a social marketplace that brings services for Startups and professionals who want to build alternative career Рonline career counseling, career assessment, and career alignment through an AI-based engine, and online courses & certification to achieve the objective 

Our users trust us to arrange services that solve their problems and we take that seriously. We are committed to deliver exceptional results, always.

Social Media

Social Media forms the backbone for Learner Society. The ever vibrant SM team ensures that vision of the organzation is transformed and transmitted effectively.

Current openings in this team are :


Technology team ensures that not just our Artificial Intelligence engine, but also other platforms and tools remain up to date and relevent.

Current openings in this team are :

We have a higher expectation of ourselves and of our services than others . Everyday we choose to be better than yesterday, knowing that small changes can bring big improvement.

We believe that our teammembers, our users and also our competitors build an ecosystem. We count on help and advice from all within and outside of the ecosystem. Every idea is always taken with enthusiasm , and we try to build around it or explain why it cannot be.

Submit your Resume for the available openings. Please also submit your resume for openings not listed here. We will reach back as soon we have the relevant openings.

Please upload your CV in PDF/DOC format. Max 2Mb