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To align your career for financial independence and job security, the process starts with career and personality assessment. This is the first step for online career counseling. We have arranged the assessment(s) in order of their effectiveness in the list below. Start your process for online career counselling by attempting one or more of the assessment from the list. You will receive the report at your email id. Hop over to ALIGN page to submit this report to the state of art Artificial Intelligence driven engine, which then will evaluate your report and align it against over 200 online job options. 

onlince career assessment 1

Are you in a career because your parents or friends suggested studying a specific stream, your college pushes you for a specific interview, and your first supervisor has an immediate requirement for a specific task?

You are a part of the system, the process. Which is why you need to ask yourself are you a passive or an active participant of your own career? 

This cycle consumes your professional life, to such an extent where the thought of even trying a different path sends shivers down your spine.

There is a big difference between fitting into a career, and building a career of your choice.

lince career assessment 2
This becomes suddenly challenging when the industry is hit with a sudden roadblock. People who try to fit into a career see a crisis. We saw this in 1991 – The Global recession, in 2009 – The Great Recession, and now in 2020 – the pandemic recession.

Those who sailed through these recessions were not the ones fitting into a career, but the one who chose their own career.

Do you keep finding yourself on a career path and wondering how did you even land up there? And if given the choice to walk out along with financial security, will you take it?

Scientific Assessment approach to identify which career option is perfect for your personality is the first step.


Explore how the career assessment and matching with personalty trait makes difference. The the FIRST right Step, Assess your personality and know whether you are into the right career option.