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Determining a career opportunity is an important activity for financial stability. Carefully picked up career stream brings the financial stability during the period when main job hits the global uncertainty. It also keep building the passive income stream, and providing the necessary support to your main career. With our state of the art AI-driven passive income online career counseling we enable the mapping of your personality traits with our database of over 200 online job, and work from home career options. Remember the parallel career stream is the effective utilization of your free time. This shape up one’s lifestyle.

  • Personality Fit

    the most important factor while choosing career as well the online career counseling

  • Explore

    the option that best fit to your personality and even the second best and the third one too. During the passive income online career counseling this is something we focus into.

  • Risk assessment

    identify the most fragile part of the selected career option. Use all the input identified during Exploration.

  • Build career capital

    Skills, credentials, connections, and financial resources. These are the capital reserve from your career. Invest on online courses, certification, training and webinars to earn the career currency.

  • Coordinate with community

    Plan your career for influencing the community, to learn from the community, and the value to deliver to the community. Success lies when you give back to the community.

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Align your Career for

Personality categorization is a system of categorising individuals in specific ways according to their tendencies to think and behave. By sorting people into meaningful categories, personality typing aims to find the broadest, most significant ways in which individuals are distinct, and make sense of these distinctions.
Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother, Katharine Briggs, established the personality types listed here. Myers and Briggs suggested that four main parameters could be used for categorising individuals:

  • Introversion vs. Extraversion (I / E)
  • Sensing vs. Intuition (S / N)
  • Thinking vs. Feeling  (T / F)
  • Judging vs. Perceiving (J / P)

Myers and Briggs identified this as a “preference” and suggested that each of the four dimensions should be able to define a preferred style for any person. The sum of the four preferred types of an individual becomes their style of personality.
Myers and Briggs assumed that our behaviours in each of the four dimensions can be combined to create consistent thinking and behavioural patterns.

Success is your way, if you choose the profession/career/business as per your personality type.