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The financial success is core for online career counselling courses. Whether you have bright idea for your Startup or you want a successful online Job and career opportunity, online career assessment is the first step. Second step is the automated online career counseling using the state of art Artificial Intelligence driven engine to Align the career options. The third and final step is to use online courses, online course certificate, skill training, operating procedures, webinars, and social media learning. This step will launch you to the journey for financial independence through passive income and long term career objective. This is the step for accelerate & acieve.


  • Entrepreneur and business gurus

    are educating you how to grow and earn more. But not about how to reach there. A leading business authority, who can be described as 'an individual with influential business ideas or theories'.

  • Investment gurus

    tells you about investing wisely. Investment Guru's role is to develop an investment strategy that benefits its customers, companies or others. Though Investment guru defines where to invest so it grows, they are largely limited to financial part of the business only.

  • But NO gurus

    are advising you how to build financial independence based on established concepts. (The piece of the puzzle that was completely missed.)

  • career guru

    Career advancement gurus

    Here come the experts who give holistic view for your growth. These guru's demonstrate how to take clear and effective action. Translate these actions into business growth and the financial growth. Remember if you are earning and investing to earn more you are an entrepreneur, and you require hand-holding from a Career Guru.

3 step changes

Passive income is an accelerated financial independence technique.

Passive Income is not all that passive, you actively need to build a funnel that keeps filling your bank account on a regular basis.

Steps to accelerate your financial planning

  • Define your financial need or goal

    it can be something like retiring at the age of X5

  • Refine your personality assessment

    your personality traits will change with the time, after all you are only getting smarter.

  • Build your strategy, plan it!

    Once you know the goal, and your strength, plan your strategy. Use tools like Miro for visual planning or Hive.

  • Learn & Certify

    Learning is a constant process, and certification is the way to demonstrate your skill. Invest into yourself. Learn from thousands of online career counselling courses.

  • Make yourself visible

    Market yourself (your strengths) in all possible media. let the world know you have skills, and your offering is unique.

  • Focus on results and keep track of time

    While result is what brings the money, being on time enhances your reputation.

  • Contacts are key

    Manage your contacts like your wealth. Use CRM tools like Streak CRM for Gmail to effectively manage your contacts and communication.

  • Build your Team, share the responsibilities

    You need to focus on your core skill. In process you will require many supporting activities. Don't get down to do everything on your own. You will grow only when your team is working for you. Build a team, and automate the team. Hive can help in effective team automation.

4-way passive income