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5 Trending Online Career in Podcast You Must Know

It’s a prime time to start an online career in the podcasting industry. The medium is rapidly-growing with very little competition as of now. And it is right for the Indian marketplace.

The world of the podcast and the convenience it provides is unparalleled. While other social mediums narrate the story through visual representation, podcast conveniently utilizes audio as a medium.

India is the world’s third-largest podcast-listener, followed by China and America. But the good news is: it’s still in it’s growing phase. The podcasting industry’s potential is increasing, and the next five years will be a big one.

As the platform is in the aborning stage, you don’t need a fan base to start your online career in this industry. If you chose a niche with ten thousand people and a thousand out of them to happen to listen—you are already getting famous.

That’s enough evidence already to prove that one should make a career out of it. Whether you want to produce a podcast or become a sound engineer, there are many career options. The top five we have listed below.

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While you can pick any of the mentioned career options according to your liking, but if you want to choose a career through mapping your personality traits, consider aligning your career first.

As long as the medium is hot, let’s not waste any opportunity. Here are five online careers in podcasting:

1. Sound Engineers

A podcast shines if the sound is right. As the podcast is a medium based on audio—a lot of the time is spent enhancing the sound outputs. Therefore, it becomes crucial to focus on getting a smooth sound. Good quality sound makes all the difference between nuance and an expert podcasting channel.