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5 Tech Savvy Startup Ideas

4. Blockchain Startup ideas

Blockchain is one of the most popular buzzwords these days. The technology enables information and transactions to be exchanged between various entities, firms, applications, and others. Blockchain technology is exciting because it’s an immutable ledger that is decentralized, digitized, and verifiable.

But why should you consider using Blockchain technology? Well, here are some reasons: 

  • In particular, if you are a company that manages or provides access to data, this technology is crucial. 
  • Blockchain technology provides you with a better solution than a customized database, service software, or similar application
  • You can verify, prove, and audit the data you hold.
  • You need to provide third parties with data.

Some of the best industries to use blockchain applications are Real estate startup businesses, healthcare startup businesses, supply chain startup businesses, and insurance startup businesses. 

5. AI-Based Healthcare Startup ideas

AI and data science are making their way together in the healthcare department. From diagnosis to patient care and prognosis, healthcare firms are slowly realizing the benefits of AI. AI is going to transform our lives in many ways—perhaps, its impact will be profound in the healthcare department than any other. 

This is because of the AI’s expertise in identifying patterns and extracting insights about complex systems. There are many specific areas in healthcare where AI is being used by many startups for the betterment of humanity. 

But to break-down into the categories, there are mainly three: administrative (operational tools that keep the healthcare system running), clinical (patient care delivery), and pharmaceutical (new prescription device research and development).

All three categories are using artificial intelligence to transform healthcare fundamentals. It can reinvent the relationship between cost, accessibility, and quality a patient needs for his treatment. There is no better time to be an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry. 

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We have mentioned five possibly best startup ideas that need better implementations to make the business thriving. So if you think your startup ideas already exist—don’t drop them. Rather focus on improving the technologies which are already in the market.

This can be achieved by targeting an underserved market, redesigning your revenue model, or providing a personalized customer experience. All you have to do is to find the missing pieces and you can create a big name in silicon valley. 

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