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5 Tech Savvy Startup Ideas

2. Meal Prep Business

People are busier now than ever before, this means that for people who work on a tight schedule—find it hard to maintain a healthy diet every day. This is where the meal prep business comes into play. As a business, you provide nutritious and healthy food, according to the customers’ choice of ingredients, style of preparation, as well as their choice of menu. 

The startup idea isn’t only profitable but it also adds a lot of value to the customers because of the niche one can choose from. A niche-based food delivery system is the most lucrative in this market. Some of the best options to pick are—senior citizen diet, paleo diet, diabetic diet, gluten-free diet, dairy-free diet, and high protein diet. 

To take this even further, you can prepare diets for persons with particular objectives, such as diabetics, high blood pressure, etc.

Before you start your meal prep business, here are some things you should check for: getting registered officially, financial planning, taking care of ecological waste, getting your business online, hiring skillful workers, and targeting your niche. 

3. Plant-Based Food 

While plant-based diets are not a new thing, but how mainstream and trendy they have become—calls for potentially profitable business ventures. As a matter of fact, plant-based proteins could account for up to 33% of the overall protein market in 2054 according to Lux Research

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Plant-based food simply involves fruit and vegetables, as well as beans, cereals, grains, and legumes. This lifestyle is gaining some serious popularity as people are becoming more and more interested in what they are consuming. Some of the diets using plant-based foods are vegetarianism, veganism, and flexitarianism

But what do plant-based eaters eat— isn’t it all about fruits and vegetables? Although this is true that’s not all. What is called ‘superfoods’ – can be part of plant-based diets, such as bananas, leafy greens, and the ingredient of the moment—watermelon seeds. 

Overall, aspiring start-up founders looking to start a hospitality company might serve plant-based foods, whether as takeaways from a food truck, or in a sit-down restaurant as more formal meals. The opportunities are endless.