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5 Tech Savvy Startup Ideas

Let’s see if you can relate to us or not. So you came up with some mind-blowing startup ideas but when you head over to Google search—you discover that plenty of other founders are already doing the same. Your unique startup ideas weren’t unique at all! 

But before you punch your laptop with hopelessness, we want to tell you that it’s probably a good thing. But how? You might ask. “Implementation,” we answer. 

The basic idea behind this philosophy is: Every successful startup gets successful because of its implementation, not the basic idea behind it. The Internet has tons of success stories that followed the same mantra.

With this in mind, we present 5 tech-savvy startup ideas where unique implementations are needed:

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1. Specialized Travel & Tour Company

If you love to travel and you can communicate your enthusiasm to others, then a specialized travel & tour business might be the perfect startup idea. Tourists today want to travel according to their lifestyle preferences. These preferences might include solo traveling, a yoga-training based travel, a food-based tour, a tour package for Ayurveda treatment, or even an age-based tour startup.

You will need to choose a niche and you can conduct just any type of tour business you can come up with. You have a plus point if you live in an area that attracts tourists and you can create many specialized tours accordingly. Or on the other hand, one can sell worldwide adventures from home by selling the tours of other businesses and taking fees on profits. Note that you can also provide overseas tours, but they would cost your business more.

Another method of making money from this business is by establishing a relationship with a travel agency that will cut the airline tickets for you. Some agencies will pay you a commission on a percentage basis; others will pay by referring clients to your company. Remember that you will need terrific sales and marketing skills to sell your tours to customers.