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5 Steps – How to earn from YouTube

Get to know “how to earn from youtube” — both money and fame?

YouTube is an amazing platform. Everyone is curious about how to earn from youtube? Can we earn decent money and be famous too! Decent enough to live a comfortable life! Many YouTubers are even making millions. But possibly this is not the reason why you are here. You probably know it already.

The bigger question is: Is it easy?

YouTube has half of the internet users i.e. 1.9 billion every month. Over 500 hours of video content are getting uploaded every minute.

Definitely not an easy competition!

So the brutal honesty is: it’s nothing like everybody has been saying—“Just upload a video on YouTube and start earning.” This is not going to work! Read along.

To tell the truth and solve this problem, we came up with a 5 steps guide on how to earn from YouTube. And more so how to earn BIG. For a reminder, these steps are based on our interaction with six YouTubers, who are earning decently.

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1. Create a Content that actually Helps People

Before we go down into the ways of generating YouTube money, let’s clear some misconceptions.

YouTube is no ‘get rich quick’ platform. It needs creativity, demand, and consistency to build your channel over time.

There are some exceptions where a video or two gets viral overnight, but that’s it, it doesn’t offer longevity. You can’t build your content strategy upon this idea. 

As a brand and as a channel, you need to provide quality, something that adds value to the viewers’ life. Check our top course to better understand this process.

This can only happen by using the formula: Create engaging plus valuable content. Make it your priority. The ‘formula’ is your boat in the sea of content—which will make your journey possible.