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3-Step to manage job crisis through online work from home

Are you constantly looking for online work from home jobs or even struggling to remain employed? Are you prepared to maintain job security during hard times?

It is no secret that Covid-19 brought the worst job crises. Whether it is a small business or giant corporation, everyone had their fair shares.

While it is still impossible to fully travel or go outside for a 9-5 hour job, more and more companies are offering online work from home.

However, it is easier said than done. Everybody is willing to work from home, but not many people know where to begin.

Keeping the scenario in mind, we have come up with three expert advice that will help you to fight the job crises.

Job Search for Online Work from Home

Regardless if you have recently graduated or looking for online work from home, you might be at a loss as to where to begin.

The world economy is not in it’s best numbers because of the coronavirus pandemic chaos, so you must be thinking if you should continue to send out resumes or just sit hopeless thinking no one is hiring.

Well, you would be wrong because experts suggest that the best strategy should be to keep networking and applying. The following tips will help you to achieve your goal.

Online Networking is the way to go

Networking can be challenging during normal days, but today’s virtual world is even challenging.

Building an online networking strategy should be a priority.

Ironically, virtual networking can sometimes foster stronger relationships more easily than face-to-face interactions.

You can start networking by joining professional groups on Facebook and Linkedin. Both platforms offer great features to connect like-minded professionals.

Make yourself visible by commenting and posting on relevant subjects, make sure to keep the conversation professional by chiming in on topics that allow you to demonstrate your expertise.

Work on your Virtual Appearance

Considering that all your future employers, customers, and co-workers will be connected virtually, therefore regularly updating your social profiles should be the top priority.

Mention only relevant skills, design LinkedIn cover which talks about your occupation, write an ‘about’ section which mentions the services you can offer.

This is your branding, this is where you mention your expertise.

Calm down a little bit

Job seekers especially freshers jump at the first opportunity they get without fully considering what they want. Take advantage of the slowing market by getting an introspection about what you are looking for – the job title, the industry, or anything particular you always wanted.

Consider making a list of all things you are looking for to work as a professional, this will create a clear understanding of your future career goals.

Get ready to think about your position more broadly and possibly pivot to an adjacent role that would also make use of your experience and skills in any organization.

Create a Diverse Portfolio including online work from home

Did you know that 90% of what our brain process is visual, this is why the show and tell is more important when it comes to proving yourself professionally?

There is nothing more important than a good looking portfolio especially for online work from home-based jobs. A diverse portfolio can help you snag new customers, enhance your brand, or represent the evidence of your relevant skills and abilities attractively.

The portfolio is proof of your accomplishments which demands constant updates. You need to be precise about what you’re mentioning in it.

One should spend a good amount of time in generating a portfolio to make it accurate and diverse. The following are some methods to do that.

Less is More

You don’t want the potential clients to get overwhelmed with all the work you ever performed in your entire career. Rather, when it comes to displaying your sample work, less is more.

The ideal method is to present your best work in a straightforward format on one single page.

Data Analytics for Business with Tableau

If you still must display a lot of content, we suggest you use categories. Arrange and put your work according to these divisions. Make it easy to navigate.

The goal is to make your portfolio look clean and minimalist.

Choose the right platform

Choosing a platform to build your portfolio should be based on the type of services you offer.

A web designer’s portfolio website should be different from a writer’s. You want something that represents your business right out of the box.

For instance, If you’re trying to create a photography portfolio or one that’s photo-forward, use a platform with a lot of galleries and templates for showcasing images, like Squarespace.

Another example would be to use Shopify if you want to create a product portfolio (for products that you make and sell).

Choosing the right place to showcase your talent is notably important for designers.

Reassess your skills and acquire new ones

A skill set is a combination of qualities, abilities, and experience you can develop to become more successful in your career.

Whether you are underemployed, unemployed, or still in employment – reassessing your skills and acquiring new ones is the most promising method to manage the job crises.

Due to the pandemic, most organizations are either hiring for online work from home positions, or they are planning to do so in near future, because this is an unprecedented situation, job seekers don’t know how to leverage their skills to match the new dynamics.

Keeping this in mind, here are some tips.

Take Advantage of Online Learning from home

World-renowned universities like Harvard and Oxford offer online courses and some of them are even free. There are plenty of online learning platforms one can choose from to improve their skills and learn new ones.

You can find online courses related to any field. You also get a course completion certificate that can be linked anywhere to get you recognized.

Many of our fellow learners are not in the financial situation at this time to invest in learning. This is absolutely fine. Still, you should care about developing new skills. You can watch hundreds of free tutorials present on the Internet. These are relatively beneficial and fit your bill being free.

All said, we still recommend that one thing you shall invest at this time is on acquiring skills, acquiring the right skills.

Master Soft skills – get prepared for online work from home

Basic skills are a must. However, apart from technical skills, hiring managers also look for candidates with soft skills. Soft skills include interpersonal skills, communication skills, time management skills, presentation, and listening skills.

Developing soft skills will make one more successful in the workplace.

And now as the world has moved towards online work from home, soft skills for online interaction is a must. Skills like virtual meeting adequate, dealing with consumers in online mode, are the new requirement now.

Learner Society Library has stocked with many such soft skill programs. Go for it.


One should always pray for the best but prepare for the worst, this time is to prepare for yourself.

While the industries all over the world are still trying to figure the new norms to provide work from home, you should take advantage of this time to learn how to conduct a job search, create a diverse portfolio and reassess skills & learn new ones.

Considering all three steps with an optimistic perspective will help you to save yourself from the job crises.

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