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12 Reasons Why Food Business Ideas Are Great For Startups

8. Slice

This startup was founded in 2010 and has generated $15 million worth of funding. The concept is pretty straight forward: Platform allows pizza lovers to find the perfect local pizza place. 

So the company enables users to search menus, access exclusive offers, and order directly from the pizzeria instead of buying from a major chain. Slice is focused on uniting local pizza chains and giving customers more options.

9. Big Basket

Founded in 2011, the company has a vision of setting up India’s largest and finest online food and grocery company. The megastore offers 20000+ products with more than 1000 brands to choose from. 

From household cleaning products to beauty and makeup, BigBasket sells everything related to daily needs and essentials. The platform offers all the convenience from your smartphone app. 

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10. Blue Apron

Blue Apron has changed the way people cook at home. Their weekly delivery service offers everything you need to prepare a healthy delicious meal at home. And when we say healthy, we mean it—They’re going to have you cooking stuff with frisée and pear salad like caramelized onion and kale quiche.

Apart from that, it also offers a service for wine matching, where their sommelier can choose a bottle to go with every meal. Eating warm pockets and frozen burritos for dinner is becoming more difficult to explain.