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11 Revolutionary Healthcare Startup Vouched by the Pros.

Prellis Biologics  healthcare startup for 3D printed organs

Prellis Biologics has developed holographic 3D laser printing software that makes it possible to manufacture laboratory-grown, biocompatible human organs and tissues. In the laboratory setting, the ability to create complex vascularized tissue has various implications that range from enhancing research and development of new therapeutics to reproducing an organ from the cells of a patient.

These organs relieve pressure on those who harvest organs and can reduce, or even remove, waiting lists for organ donation.

NeoLight – babytech startup

NeoLight considers itself as a babytech company that provides intelligent, integrated, family-friendly products. They enable parents to care for their newborns with trust. Their first product, the Skylife Phototherapy system, is a portable high-intensity blue light-emitting device to treat neonatal jaundice—a frequent condition in newborns.

The system can change the intensity of light, ensures consistent coverage of light, and emits virtually no heat. It can safely be used and easily transported in neonatal enclosures, such as bassinets or incubators.

Freenome – healthcare startup in cancer detection

The healthcare startup uses a simple blood test to quantify cell-free biomarkers and circulating proteins that indicate the presence, type, and stage of cancer via its AI genomic platform. Previously, these very first symptoms of cancer were not visible.

But Freenome also shows the type of tumor. Therefore, it helps medical practitioners to make better decisions for treatment. Screening for the existence of cancer and deciding the best treatment can soon become part of routine checkups using Freenome technology.

Netmeds – Onlince pharmacy startup

Netmeds had 3 million downloads in 2018 and rose to more than $512 million; by 2022, it is expected to top $3.645 billion. Netmeds is one of India’s largest healthcare startups. An online marketplace that has firmly established itself with over millions of active customers and deliveries to more than 19,000 PIN codes as India’s leading online

The company provides customers with complete ease of shopping for medicine and other healthcare items through its 24×7 online portal and mobile app. Netmeds has a multilingual customer care center for audio, talk, and email. They also have a team of licensed pharmacists collecting, digitizing, and authorizing millions of handwritten prescriptions.


For success in all facets of life, well-being is crucial. Today, the notion of healthcare startups is trending and habits aim to change the environment. So a startup in healthcare, without any doubt, is a big game-changer.

Bottom line is, many startups will soon become the new buzzword in this industry: mobile-first approaches, mental health startup apps, telemedicine, and digital diagnostic tools. These startups will shape the healthcare industry forever.