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11 Revolutionary Healthcare Startup Vouched by the Pros.

Credihealth claims that they are the largest admired hospital network in India. Therefore the company is launching a ground-breaking way for people to compare and select clinics, physicians, and treatments from a robust database.

Alector – Healthcare startup focussing Alzheimer

Alector uses highly-developed antibody technology and recent discoveries in neuroimmunology—trying to combat neurodegenerative diseases. As per PitchBook the company’s antibody technology produces and validates antibody drugs with functional properties that involve disease-altering targets. It also develops novel therapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders. This allows doctors to use the immune system to combat dementia and neurodegeneration.

CEO Arnon Rosenthal hopes his approach would improve and revitalize immune cells to help fight, and possibly cure, these diseases. By designing antibody therapies that could help prevent neurodegeneration. Healthcare startup Alector’s main focus is on treating Alzheimer’s.

PierianDx – Healthcare startup handle genomic data

PierianDx as a healthcare startup is resolving the issue of transforming complex genomic data into actionable clinical knowledge to advance precision medicine. Rakesh Nagarajan, Founder, and Executive Chairman said that “we do this through a cloud-based software platform for clinical genomics that simplifies the process of study, interpretation and final reporting of DNA sequencing results.”

This is feasible through actionable intelligence taken from the company’s comprehensive knowledgebase supplemented by human clinical expertise.

Data Analytics for Business with Tableau

BenevolentAI – AI based healthcare startup for drug pairing.

BenevolentAI can pair drug therapies with the right patients by using AI to decode molecular processes associated with complex diseases. The organization is currently able to assess how to best treat illnesses that have not been immune to therapies and potentially cure them. 

The BenevolentAI platform is used for the production of treatments for incurable conditions such as motor neuron disease, Parkinson’s, glioblastoma, and sarcopenia. The company recently declared its plan to innovate in other fields of expertise, such as advanced materials, agriculture, and energy storage.

EyeNetra – vision focussed healthcare startup

EyeNetra believes in a future where all individuals feel motivated and willing to make informed health choices. Founder Ramesh Raskar is very passionate about sight. He believes that everyone has the right to experience their environment and their journey with a perfect visual performance.

Moreover, the healthcare startup was not happy with the current state of vision treatment, and they are positive about the near future in which mobile devices and self-diagnostics produce a real sea shift. The startup wants to bring light and opportunity to the eyes everywhere.