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10 online free courses to grow your startup revenue

8. Identifying Entrepreneurial Opportunities

This online course free with certificates helps you to become a successful corporate innovator by thoughtfully examining the business opportunity. Learn to transform an entrepreneurial idea into a new startup company or corporate venture. The course is designed by Dr. James V. Green and it uses the Opportunity Analysis Canvas. A model that has been tested by over 800,000 people. 

The system uses vast amounts of research done in psychology, sociology, and business—to turn into a practical how-to-guide for aspiring entrepreneurs all over the world. it’s a revolutionary idea for understanding entrepreneurial mindset and action. 

9. Creating Innovative Business Models

The business model is the flight for any successful startup business—a corporation must have a viable way of making money. But there is always so much to look after—creating a new venture, finding the right team at the right time, bringing a profitable amount to convert your business into a liability.

But don’t get overwhelmed! Because the free course offers Innovative approaches and tools to help create a startup company or corporate venture intelligence on what customers want. Basically, how to fit all the missing pieces—design value propositions that directly align with your target customers. 

10. Entrepreneurship 101: Who is Your Customer?

Being able to find your targeted customer is crucial to run a startup. After all, an idea becomes a business when a customer pays for the services. A founder needs both creativity and discipline to make it happen. The course will teach you exactly that— Conduct market segmentation, select your beachhead market, develop end-user profiles, calculate the total addressable market size, and a lot more. 

Data Analytics for Business with Tableau

The course is particularly helpful for corporate entrepreneurs building a new product line, scientists and engineers commercializing new technologies, and entrepreneurship educators and policymakers. Learn all this from the case studies of MIT startup companies and their founders


Real-life experiences are superior, but there’s a wealth of knowledge online to help teach ourselves when we don’t have the opportunity to learn from a mentor or life itself. The mentioned online free courses with certificates from our library are focused and well-organized. So you can hit the refresh button and walk on a streamlined path to greater success.

Addition to the above list, the following will also help in effectively establishing and running of your startup: