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10 online free courses to grow your startup revenue

The online course approaches entrepreneurship as a creative process, a fundamental human instinct that we all possess and can unlock—develop the basic mindset, knowledge, and insights required to pursue an entrepreneurial career

6. You Can Innovate: User Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Innovation happens everywhere. More often than not, it is about ordinary people solving real problems. Imagine, this could be you.

This course will teach you to look at the world through the lens of problem discovery and problem-solving. You will explore the problems that you see in your life and in the world and evaluate their potential for entrepreneurial innovation. You will iterate toward solutions that are just right. As you do that, you will become a user innovator.

Examples of user innovation and its entrepreneurial potential are infinite. A surfer created the GoPro to take “selfies” while surfing. A student came up with Dropbox after losing the flash drive. Two entrepreneurs created a tool for themselves to track software bugs, giving rise to Atlassian. Taught by Eric von Hippel, the founding scholar of user innovation, and Erdin Beshimov, the founder of MIT Bootcamps, this course will guide you through a step-by-step process for ideating a user innovation and shaping its entrepreneurial possibilities.

Who is the right audience!

Importantly, through immersive case studies, this course will introduce you to effective strategies of entrepreneurial bootstrapping, so that you can succeed even when you do not have many resources. We invite to the course, anyone with dreams of making a positive impact on society.

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The course should be timely and specifically beneficial for, Aspiring entrepreneurs searching for startup ideas; Inveterate inventors looking to expand the impact of their innovations on society; Committed entrepreneurs seeking effective strategies for advancing their entrepreneurial missions, especially under constraints of resource scarcity.

You can innovate! You Can Innovate is a course from MIT Bootcamps and as such prepares you for participation in the program. The Bootcamp is a highly selective, intensive, global MIT training program for innovators. You will learn from MIT faculty and you will be intensively coached by experienced MIT-trained entrepreneurs. In the process, you will be challenged to generate an impactful entrepreneurial innovation in one week.

7. Entrepreneurship 103: Show me the Money

This course is your guide to creating a profitable business; becoming a business leader. Learn from the case studies of MIT startup companies and interviews of their founders. There are four vital business skills an entrepreneur must learn for money-making: Designing a business model, pricing the product, building a sales process, and measuring your cost of customer acquisition. 

This course will give you a common framework to make decisions, laying the foundation for your long-term success. Which will initially help you to gain the confidence to go from your first sale to a profitable business. And that’s worth learning!