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10 online free courses to grow your startup revenue

You will learn how venture capitalists think and get an understanding of their motives, and what these professionals will expect from you? All these comprehensions from experienced entrepreneurs. Enroll in this course to get the first hand inside knowledge on what it takes to successfully acquire money for your startup?

3. Effecting Digital Transformation with Data Analytic Projects

How do you craft an effective digital strategy from technologies like AI, Cloud computing digitization, the internet of things, graph databases, python, etc? Since these technologies are always changing and advancing—How do you give the best customer experience by acquiring new technologies? If these things concern you? Find out about three case studies to learn the practical tools and methods to build a digital organization.

The course deals with three types of organization: A new startup, an established organization, and the third organizational type, which is the organization that turns to digital transformation to help save it. For each type, the course uses Disciplined Agile Delivery to plan and execute the organizational change programs. 

4. Enterprise Selling

After you have successfully developed your products and services, you would want to sell them. Selling is one of the most challenging marketable skills for most of the management and executive positions. No wonder why it is crucial. Selling a $1,000,000 services deal to a team of experienced executives at a multinational corporation—seems like a daunting task. But that’s exactly what this course is all about. 

Blockchain Council

Learn concepts like the sales cycle, buying process, and managing enterprise customers. This free course can surely make you a sales guru!

5. Creativity & Entrepreneurship

Most people seem to ignore this but creativity will help you tap into your inner creativity and learn how to leverage it for business innovation. The Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship, founded by Panos, offers online free courses with certificates. Get your creative juices flowing by watching the interviews of world-renowned entrepreneurs, innovators, songwriters, producers, creative directors, educators, performers, visual artists, and so on.