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10 online free courses to grow your startup revenue

Crafting a startup is a skill on its own. The online free courses will guide you throughout your startup journey. From launching your startup and getting finance to building the culture and business models.

Entrepreneurs initiate their startup with core product skills, but miss to look into the business side of the venture. Sooner than later, they realize this mistake The cost of correction at times becomes larger than the core product/technology cost. Mitigating this risk is not difficult, it just needs timely action. This is the list of 10 promising online free courses with certificate covers.

Entrepreneurship is a lifelong commitment, therefore an entrepreneur must be a lifelong learner. After all, it’s the only trait that will keep pushing you through the competitions and help you to bring the innovations. Innovators have to go through lots of responsibilities, and failure. Hence, they must be upgraded all the time. Perhaps you must be armed like a soldier in a battle.

So for you to win the battle, we have picked the most promising online free courses and with certificates. You only need to invest the time to acquire the skill.

Python Django Online Training by Edureka

1. Entrepreneurial Operations: Launching a Startup

Are you all set to launch your company but don’t know the practicalities? Well, these online free courses with a certificate might help you to examine the real-world operational challenges you will face. There are execution risks you face when you start a new venture. 

This course provides the steps, frameworks, and tools that can be used to understand the important considerations while building your startup. Each module will introduce the students to a different concept related to operations. These modules are packed with lecture notes, readings, and case studies. In a nutshell, a great course to begin your startup from scratch.

2. Understanding Venture Capitalists: How to Get Money for your Startup

Congrats on getting started with your business! Now you will require funding to keep going. Funding to build a prototype, hiring a team, and launching your products and services. How do you do that? Venture capitalists. This course will teach you exactly that—everything about Venture Capital.