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Researchers estimate that 42% of pandemic-induced layoffs will result in a permanent job loss. 

 – World Economic Forum

The world is changing, take steps to build an alternative career stream. Explore through our Online Career Counseling and build your own STARTUP

Are you unemployed or underpaid. Start with a free online assessment, & get immediate view of your career.
Artificial Intelligence driven customized career recommendation for perfect alignment.
Get handholding to gain financial independence. Be the next Achiever.

Alternative career is the parallel career, an option to build a parallel stream for financial security. Our 3-step online career counseling will help overcome the financial crisis through passive income generation. The most legitimate way without impacting your primary career. It all starts with assessment for the personal suitability of a career. It is important to know what is your personality type. Let our free Artificial Intelligence based engine derive the best fit career options and align to your personality. We will then guide to learn the sure way for you to be the next achiever. Build your own Startup.


"I didn't even know where to start when I lost my job due to global pandemic. This guide gave me all the important questions I needed to ask. Thank you so much for such a valuable resource!"
Amit K Rastogi
Team Lead - Database
"Choosing the right career after passing this year was one of the most crucial decisions I have to made. I'm so glad I knew where to look for! I was so much more prepared to make my final decision now."
Myra Mc'Neill
Technology Graduate - Batch 2020

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