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All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.

 – Mark Twain

Latika was very disturbed couple of months back, when two of her very close friends (colleagues) were asked to resign as their company was downsizing. In last few weeks she analyzed that why her job remain intact but not that of her friends.

Difference was clear. Latika has invested on assessing and aligning her personality as per the job profile. While her friends are not. This has made Latiika to be awarded for performance in past, and she is valued for her work.

Be like a Latika!

The world is changing, take steps to build the informed career stream. Our Online Career Counseling services are designed to place you into the confidence route.
Our platform is Built for professional, designed with Artificial Intelligence. Coupled with online courses, get set to build your own Career either in Job or a Startup.

Success in your career can come only when you start with an assessment of your personality and career goal. Explore the award-winning personality & career assessment from our partners


Our Artificial Intelligence-based alignment engine will match your career assessment with over 2000 career options and more than 200 online work from home jobs and startup ideas.


Achiever is the one who embraces the challenges and overcomes them! This is the old saying, the new zen achiever is the one who plans it right, assess it right, and align it right.

Whether you are looking for your next job change, or struggling to find the right career that is fulfilling or motivating. Or you want to build your own Startup. It all starts with passion, followed by guidance, and then right approach.

Discover your passion, re/build your career for financial security. Our 3-step online career counseling will help on achieving your career goal and a larger financial stability. It will all start with assessment for the personal suitability of a career. It is important to know what is your personality type. Let our Artificial Intelligence based engine derive the best fit career options and align to your personality. We will then guide to learn the sure way for you to be the next achiever. Our online Library is stocked with industry-best online courses, certifications, and training programs to help you get the best.


"I didn't even know where to start when I lost my job due to global pandemic. This guide gave me all the important questions I needed to ask. Thank you so much for such a valuable resource!"
Amit K Rastogi
Team Lead - Database
"Choosing the right career after passing this year was one of the most crucial decisions I have to made. I'm so glad I knew where to look for! I was so much more prepared to make my final decision now."
latika m
Latika M
B. Tech (2020 passout)